New Interactive Technologies in Advertising

New Interactive Technologies in Advertising is written and school is ending

In Personal thoughts by Lasse

New Interactive Technologies in Advertising was my thesis in school, my last big project and I might say that it was truly interesting one as well. But more of it later.

As I am writing this I have less than a week until my school ends and I graduate. It has been fun and I must say that the decision to leave studying IT was correct. Yes, my understanding about computers is better because of it but it wasn’t what I am passioned about. Even back then I wanted to learn softwares like Photoshop and InDesign. Sadly, the teacher for those wasn’t as good as one would have hoped.

So, after leaving IT, I basically decided that digital media would be the place to go – and with a first try I got in. Which was bit of a surprise as I didn’t draw very good but I think my imagination was the main key, so that I could get in – and perhaps something else influenced to it. What ever the reason was, I had very interesting time learning new skills at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

I would say that I in those 4,5 years I have fallen in love with photography, video/photo editing and advertising, In the end advertising was the thing from which I wrote my thesis – New Interactive Technologies in Advertising to be exact. It is in Finnish and can read in pdf format.
I know I could have done better job with it but I am still happy with the result. I’m also thinking of making it in english or just writing about it while I am learning more. Series of articles could be an option. I’m gonna think about it later on.

In my four years of studying I was a tutor for three years, five months I was in practical training and half a year a project manager in the same place where I had the practical training. Sure I was thinking of going some advertising agency but after my friends tried to get me work with them, I finally said ok after couple of weeks. And you know what? It actually was the best solution. I got new friends – from which couple really good ones. I was able to do versatile job from practical training to being project manager. I will never forget the day when I was to told “we thought…” or in finnish “me vähän ajateltiin…” and I would become the new project manager at Valo.
In a way I was able to see both sides of the job. One side was my practical training where I did what project manager asked me to do like updating layouts, photography, video/photo editing and such. As project manager I was coordinating projects to others, meeting clients and making sure everything would run as smooth as possible. As I was giving projects to others to do I wanted to give them something that I was sure they could handle and some to challenge them. You cannot get any better if you don’t challenge yourself.

There is no such thing as perfection but that should not stop you from trying to achieve it. – Lasse Koppeli (as far as I know)

After school it is time for work. Preference would be advertising agency where I could use my imagination in creating the craziest new interactive ideas and making advertising more – well interactive sure but interesting and something that would revolutionize how advertising is done. When you see it now, it’s kinda boring, don’t you agree? Sure there are some exceptions but overall it needs to change, imo.

Well, I guess there is going to be a lot of articles on that subject in the future, so I won’t be writing them here. Just to end this, I would like to say that I love to time I spent at Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and if you ever have thought about going to university of applied sciences, I courage you to think of it as a choice. But that’s just my opinion – just do what you feel is best for you and learn to do what you love. What ever the school is.
Once I wanted to be an astronaut, then and architect and now I just want to revolutionize advertising. What can I say, you need to have dreams and you need to start somewhere. I feel my path was the right for me, what will you do?

And yes, there is still an architect in me who has gone green, hopefully the world will follow sooner that later.