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Goals for 2017 and the will to evolve

In Personal thoughts by Lasse Koppeli

I’ve always thought that challenges make you better, it can be sports or something that needs more thinking. Both are actually good for your brain. I’ve been thinking of few things for a while now, what I would like to do, not what I can do.

My goals for 2017 are as follows:

  • Make a (mobile) app for Android and iOS
  • Making that app needs coding language that I don’t know
    • For me it’s way easier to make a graphical design and everything else that isn’t code for the app, coder I am not.
    • My goal isn’t to make super hard app but simple (that works) and is useful
    • I am going to use Visual Studio 2015 and C++
  • Making photo manipulations
    • These are close to my heart but I haven’t really taking photos for them
    • My instagram is quiet at the moment.
  • Learn digital marketing
    • Summer 2017
      • Google Adwords certificate
      • Google Analytics certificate
      • HubSpot academy’s inbound marketing certification
      • Working as a growth hacker or something else would be fun. It’s marketing, I love it.
    • After certifications
      • Write a blog about them and perhaps let other learn about, what I have learned. Best information is shared.
  • Making a youtube channel
    • Though, I have to admit, I have no idea what I what kind of content it would have. It just sounds fun and lots of video editing. I probably should that one more.

Here you have it. These are the things that I want to do this year. You never know, perhaps my app will be downloaded million times or just once. My goal is to make an app for the purposes that I have chosen for it, goal does not include downloads but wouldn’t mind if it would be downloaded a million times. At least then I would know that what I did was good enough or just interesting enough. But the most important thing is that I set myself a goal and learned everything there is to achieve it.

I love photo manipulations, they give that spark in your mind of something that isn’t possible – at least on this earth – but it can still be beautiful and interesting. It combines the love for photograph, photoshop and using your mind to create scenery. Currently I am ok but hopefully I tone in my skills and end of the year I am way better at it while learning from the best of them. I also want to find my own style.

Digital marketing. I have loved advertising and marketing since I was a lot younger than now. Back then it was mainly about television advertising that I though was the thing. Later marketing came along in school and it was like I knew that this was something that I was good at. Weirdly I ended up working in IT and not marketing. While in IT my business sense was tingling and what I saw then happented couple years ago with the company. But that’s business, sometimes bad things happen and you need to adjust to that situation and make best of it.

While my interests were in advertising and marketing, I never saw digital marketing as one that would peak my interests. To be fair back then there was no concept of digital marketing as far as I know. But now I have been reading blogs about this subject for a year and end of 2016 I thought that I could get certification of Google Adwords and started to aim for it, sadly not hard enough as I haven’t yet been certified but the goal is to fix that before summer 2017. I think I could do it in two weeks but there is something more important to do before that. So it has to wait for a while.

Finally, a youtube channel. I think everybody has some kind of idea that if they were to do a video for online it would be in Youtube or live version in Twitch. I am not seeking Youtube fame but more of a making content and learning new things a long the way. And I would love to learn to handle Adobe After Effects. I have used it before but I don’t know everything there is to know.

I think this list of mine would grow way more if I would list everything that I wanted to learn. But after one goal is met, then you can aim higher.