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Mermaid photo manipulation

In Media / Art by Lasse Koppeli

Mermaid photo manipulation was made using photo that I took at Island of Suomenlinna. Idea was to create similar scene as in the animation movie The little mermaid Ariel. Final touch was given with Adobe Lightroom

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Dark Angel Photo Manipulation

In Media / Art by Lasse Koppeli

My personal project dark angel photo manipulation. This one is more of a Dark Angel looking what man has done to the world they had given. Interpretation of the viewer may apply.

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Netflix and other on-demand Internet streaming media providers

In Personal thoughts by Lasse Koppeli

I recently started my free 30-day trial with Netflix after thinking about if I really would need it. Perhaps not, but thinking about the enterainment point of view, it isn’t that bad of a decision or is it? If you live under a rock then you might not have heard about Netflix. Netflix is an on-demand Internet streaming media provider for series, movies and documentaries which can be used with multiple devices. Netflix is going to block VPN Couple days ago I saw news about Netflix blocking VPN to their services which would allow person who doesn’t live in US to appear to be there even when they actually live in Europe, basically allowing users to mask their locations. With …


In Personal thoughts by Lasse

R:EVOLUTION Metropolia Fashion Show 2012 Yesterday I was in my first fashion show – ever. Not only that but I was modeling – something that I didn’t think I would ever do. How did I end up there? Well, one of my friends is a studing to be an fashion designer and she asked me if I would be able to come and try on some clothes. I got to say that first I was little bit on the edge but then I thought that “why not?”. It would be something that I haven’t done before and then again I get to see the other part of the fashion world. It actually was a lot of fun and a great …

My thesis

In Advertising by Lasse

Because of my interest – or should I say because of my passion for advertising I will be doing my thesis about it. I have basic structure figured out but still there are some things that need more thinking. My main media will be television, just because it is the most interesting of them all. At first I was wanting to do also a print, web and guerrilla marketing as well but after presenting whole concept to my class and teacher, it was clear that it would be best to focus one area rather than the whole set. Teacher said that making this would be challenging – but that is what makes me going. I wouldn’t do it if it …